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Winter 2013

Thanksgiving has passed, we've been skiing several times already, and winter is here. This is the time of year that I love to work in my studio. We ski during the daylight hours and then I work in the evening while it's dark and quiet. No lawn to mow or garden to tend. Perfect studio time. It is also a great time of year to visit my studio especially if you've been meaning to and never have. I always have odds and ends of work that I have stashed away, never been framed or just very different from what I show in the galleries. There are a lot of small works and very affordable things as well as some of my latest pieces for sale. Give me a call or send a message to arrange a time to visit before Christmas!

Sunset Study 2013 6"x8" $295.00 (Matted and framed)

Miniature pastel landscape















Art in the Round Barn 2012

The 22nd annual Art in the Round Barn exhibit opens this week at the Inn at the Round Barn Farm at 1661 East Warren Rd. in Waitsfield, Vermont. It is an exciting group show in a beautifully restored round barn. The show runs from September 17-October 8, 2012. The opening reception is on Sunday, September 16 from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. Always great food, artwork, place, and people!

Cool Moon 2012 Pastel 9"x9"




'Pastels and Paints' Arts Festival Gallery 9/7-10/13/12

The Festival Gallery will hang a show from Sept 7- October 13, 2012. There are a dozen pastels and a couple paintings on display at the gallery. Some new work includes pastel landscapes on sanded paper for a different texture and a couple floral still life paintings in oil. The gallery is located at 2 Village Square in Waitsfield, next to the book store. Call 802-496-6682 for gallery hours and details.

Color Charge 2012 Pastel 30"x22"


The Long Trail in Winter

From Interpretations of the Long Trail, a show hosted by Frog Hollow February 2012.

Pastel, The Long Trail in Winter




Long Trail along the Monroe Skyline

Where we live, it’s a daily view. Looking to the West, we see where the Long Trail runs along the Monroe Skyline from south of Warren to north of Waitsfield. To get inspired for an authentic drawing featuring the Long Trail, my husband, Adam had the idea to hike from the Lincoln Gap north to the Appalachian Gap. It was one of the coldest days this January, so cold that neither one of our vehicles would start. We were ready and determined to go, so we persevered, but by the time we got them running, it was too late to spot a car at the other end. We left with snowshoes, poles, food, water, extra clothes, and other necessities. We included headlamps for the final section, since it was likely to be past sundown by then.

It was 11:45 am when we left the car on the Lincoln Gap where the road closes for the winter. It’s a long way just to get to the trailhead and from there it’s about 12 miles across the mountains. We steadily hiked up the snow-covered road, passing skiers and kids on sleds coming down. At the top, we embarked on a perfect snowshoe-packed trail towards Mt. Abraham. The weather on the summit was wild and the wind chill was nearly unbearable, so we put on more clothes, took a couple pictures, had a snack, and traveled on. We found the next white blaze and found the trail unbroken to Lincoln Peak. In addition to the long winter views, the snow covered trees and pristine trail ahead was my favorite scene.

Between the steep climb up to Mt. Abe and breaking trail in the deep snow, it was starting to get late and we were anxious to cover some ground. The trail from Lincoln Peak to Castlerock was well packed. We figured if we went as fast as we could, we might be able to stick to the original plan and go the whole way. Ahead there would be several opportunities to hike down a ski trail, if necessary. Running when we could and not stopping very much, we passed Mt. Ellen and continued on to Stark Mountain where the single chair at Mad River Glen had already closed for the day. We ran on and made it to the top of the double chair just before dark. This was the last chance to bail out before the descent to the Ap Gap, but the trail was well packed and our lights were bright, so we kept going.

We were so glad we did. It was the most unusual and adventurous part of the trip. The trail is so steep in places that there are ladders installed in the rock for climbing and descending some cliff sections. We had to negotiate this by residual evening light and our headlamps. Adam was ahead and I could watch his line as he slid on the backs of his snowshoes down the trail. He enjoyed looking back to see my light as I came along as well. At 6:00 pm we arrived at the road and stuck out our thumbs. In two rides, we were brought home and dropped off at our door by a friend. That evening was spent with plenty of rest and reflection of the day spent on the Long Trail.

January 2012



Meyer Metro Gallery in Bellaire, Texas

Beginning September 22, the Meyer Metro Gallery will be carrying my artwork. The first show that I will participate in is called Small Works and West Coast Wine. Gallery owner, Charles Meyer, returns to Texas from spending time in California, bringing with him his connection to the wine country. The group show will run from September 22, 2011 to November 20, 2011. There will be an opening reception on Sept. 22 from 6-8:30pm. Bellaire is in the Houston area. Please visit his website for more information.



Dragonfly Gallery opens for the 2011 season

Good luck to Don and Susan at the Dragonfly Gallery as they have just opened for the 2011 season. Thanks to them as well for representing my pastel landscapes for the third season. This Saturday, May 28 from 4-7 is the first opening reception. Here's to an exciting and successful summer on Martha's Vineyard.


Open Studio/Unframed Artwork Sale, May 28, 11-4:30

Memorial Day is coming right up, a traditional open studio weekend in Vermont. My studio will be open to the public on Saturday, May 28th from 11 am to 4:30 pm. I have several nice pastels on hand and never enough frames. I can't keep up with all the framing and frankly, I would rather spend the time creating more artwork than cutting mats. Thus, the unframed artwork sale.

This is a good opportunity to get an original and frame it as you like. My friends at the Lee-Parrish Gallery in Waitsfield are offering 15% off the cost of framing if you bring it to them. I can give you a discount card at the time of purchase. I strongly suggest using Tru-Vue glass with an anti-reflective coating for best viewing results.

Please feel free to contact me for an appointment if you would like to come a different day. I also have a partial list of what is available that I can send through email by request.

In addition to some very new work, I have some great deals on work that is out of circulation and looking for the right wall to call home. The piece below is called Farm Way. It is a pastel on paper, Farm Way ©2008, 20"x16", will be sold with no mats or frame.


Hope to see you on the weekend!




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